Колонка для ВЭЖХ Promosil C18, 250 * 4,6 мм, 5 мкм


Double End-cap, Good Inertness

♦ Good Stability and Reproducibility

Excellent Performance-to-cost Value

Using the silica of high-purity and high mechanical strength, the Promosil C18s are made with high-purity monosilane through Agela Technologies’ well controlled bonding process. They have high surface bonding coverage and completely capped. The carbon content is as much as 18%. They are stable at pH range 1.5-9.0 showing good peak shape for acidic and basic compounds. They have excellent tolerance of contamination and long life-time. They are the best choice of high performance-to-cost value.

Technical Parameters:

High-purity silica, Metal Impurity<10ppm
Average Particle Size: 5μm
Specific Surface: 320m2/g
Pore Size: 100Å
Carbon Loading: 18%
pH Range: 1.5-9.0
Efficiency: >80, 000/m

TF: 0.98-1.20

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