Measurement Instruments Certification

Aristo Scientific now offers assistance to certify and include measurement instrumentation in Kazakhstan State Register.

In order for a measurement instrument to be sold in Kazkahstan it must be approved, certified, and included into the State Register of Kazakhstan.

Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instrument

The Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (Metrology Certificate) is issued on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Uniformity of Measurements" on June 7, 2000 N 53-II.

The approval of weighing and measuring instruments is a particular process, done by Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology. During the certification process the instrument is tested and verified the instrumental error.

The certificate attests that a metrological instrument for measuring weight and has passed all the tests provided technical and metrological and comply with the requirements of current legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The certificate shall state the registration number of the instrument in the national repertoire of weighing and measuring instruments. The certificate is accompanied by an annex that shall identify the area of application, the technical and metrological essential, the margin of imprecision, the calibration interval and the name of the normative document based on which tests were performed testing.