Похожие стационарные фазы в ГХ колонках

Похожие полисилоксановые фазы

Стационарная фаза Темп.
Обычное применение фазы Эквивалентные фазы

100% Dimethylpolysiloxane

50-325 Most frequently used phase in GC. Low selectivity, separates compounds according to boiling points. Excellent thermal stability SE-30, OV-1, OV-101, DB-1, SPB-1, BP-1, HP-1, ULTRA-1, RTx-1, AT-1, CP-Sil 5CB, ZB-1, AB-1

100% Dimethylpolysiloxane
(low bleed)

50-325 Identical selectivity to the phase above but with much lower column bleed

HP-1ms, DB-1ms, Ultra-1,VF-1ms, CP Sil 5 CB Low Bleed/MS, BP-1, ZB-1ms, Optima-1ms, SPB-1,
Equity-1, Rxi-1ms, AT-1MS, AB-1MS

Methyl 5% Phenyl Polysilozane 50-325 Similar to methyl polysiloxane but slightly more selective due to phenyl content. Excellent thermal stability. SE-54, OV-23, DB-5, SPB-5, BP-5, HP-5, ULTRA 2, RTx-5, CPSil-8
Methyl 50% Phenyl Polysiloxane 40-325 Added selectivity due to higher phenyl content. Usually retains similar compounds longer than methyl silicone. Provides efficient separations of PAHS and biomedical samples such as drugs, sugars and steroids. Good thermal stability. OV-17, DB-17, SPB-7, BP-10, HP-17, RTx-17, AT-50,
50% Trifluoropropyl 50% Methyl polysiloxane 40-300 Selectivity for compounds with lone pair electrons or carbonyl groups. Retains oxygenated compounds in the order ether, hydroxy, ester and keto Widely used as a confirmatory phase for chlorinated pesticides.Also suitable for PCB’s, phenols and nitroaromatics. Good thermal stability. DB-210, RTx-200, HP-210
6% Cyanopropylphenyl 94% Methylpolysiloxane 30-320 An additional choice for a general purpose phase with nominal selectivity for polarizable and polar compounds. More of a boiling point phase than 007-1701; and exhibits less retention of polyaromatic compounds than 007-17.Good thermal stability. DB-1301, RTx-1301, HP-1301
Methyl 7% Cyanopropyl 7% Phenyl Polysiloxane 280 Unique selectivity of cyanopropyl and phenyl groups provide efficient separations of deriviitized sugars and many environmental samples. Not truly a polar phase. Good thermal stability DB-1701, CPSil-19, RTx-1701, AT-1701
Methyl 25% Cyanopropyl 25% Phenyl Polyciloxane 40-240 Polar phase which provides efficient separations of polar molecules such as fatty acids and alditol acetate derivatives of sugars. Fair thermal stability DB-255, HP-255, CPSil-43, RTx-225, AT-255
Polyethylene Glycol 20-260 Carbowax 20M is a polyethylene glycol phase which demonstrates unique selectivity hydrogen bonding-type molecules. Particularly useful for the analysis of complex oxygenated samples but is susceptible to oxygen degradation. Not recommended for the analysis of mixtures containing silylating reagents DB-Wax, Supelsowax 10, Super-ox, CPWax-52, Stabilwax, BP-20, HP-20M, AT-Wax
Free Fatty Acid Phase 20-260 The product of Carbowax 20M and 2- Nitroterephthalic acid. Particularly useful for volatile fatty acids and fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). Good thermal stability but susceptible to oxygen degradation. Not recommended for the analyses of mixtures containing salylating reagents OV-351, DB-Wax, SP-1000, AT-1000, HP-FFAP, AT-1000
Methyl Phenyl Cyanopropyl Polysiloxane 20-260 A series of specially synthesized stationary phases of mid-polarity with unique selectivity due to cyanopropyl and phenyl groups .Configured for difficult environmental analyses. Good thermal stability DB-624, VOCAL, DB-608, RTx-502, RTx-Volatile, AT-624, SPB-608
Cyanopropyl Polysiloxane 40-280 A highly polar stationary phase.Ideal for fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) analysis, dioxin, and furan separations and other separations requiring unique selectivity and polarity. Good thermal stability SP-2340, SP-2330, DB-23, OV-275, AT-SILAR